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Tim Ahern
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One of the advantages of having a virtual office is also for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.
If you have an online business selling to the whole nation you can
A) look like a bigger more reputable company if you have and office address in each city and
B) you can turn up in search engine results for just that city.

I run a campervan rental site. I am only an affiliate site and don’t own the campers or a depot. When people search for campervan hire in Brisbane, and I have an office address in Brisbane I can get a result on the map google supplies in its results. I am also considered a more relevant site specifically for Brisbane, so even if I don’t make it on to the map, I am still more relevant and will get pushed up the rankings a little. Whilst there are other factors that will get you up the results page, this definitely helps. A PO box does not have this effect unless you are willing to put the physical address of the post office where the box is at. Imagine the running customer if they check and see your listed business address is a Post office not a real address.
As long as I turn up in the result I have a chance to to get a click through. Once I have them on my page they can search for a campervan that can be picked up in Brisbane and BOOM I have a booking.