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Thanks for the advice guys. Just to be clear, I’m not using “broad” match – I’ve read enough horror stories to know to stay away from that for now. What I had was everything set up for exact, but was finding that I was getting very few impressions per day. So I changed a lot of them to phrase match, to see what would happen. Since then, I’ve discovered a heap of different phrases that I would have never considered using as keywords, but are very relevant, so I’ve added them as keywords. Since I’ve added so many more keywords, I’ve put it back to exact for now, with a few left as phrase matches.

I’m definitely planning on getting someone more experienced to look at this for me – it was just an unique opportunity I had: we have a big promotion running this week, and when I went to organise newspaper print advertising last week, we discovered that it had gone up considerably. I had been thinking about adwords for a while, so was able to convince the boss to divert the funds that would have been used for that into adwords, to give it a shot. And, I like playing with this kind of thing ;)