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Ive put so much time into my fb page, and our website that I want the reward of seeing people genuinely like it.

I’m with peterwayne though as I think some of the legitimate paid avenues on fb are a very good method of targeting ones advertising spend and building organic likes.

One of our competitors proudly displays its fb like count on its website. When you go to the fb page and look at the likes they all appeared in 1 day, and then nothing after that. There is no conversation or interaction on the fb page either. That said they are doing a very good trade outside of fb so its probably not their main focus.

For us its our primary focus at the moment. You can send a message to all your friends asking them to like your site I dont think that is dodgy, and its a good way of getting that first critical mass, so then you can run fb adverts to build a wider and more diverse fanbase.

Ive just been setting up a free fangate using iframes which gives likers custom content which is not available to non likers. I am planning to have special offers and coupons available to fans only which will provide an incentive for guests to like your page. If anyone is after some info on this feel free to msg me, it was very easy to do and best of all free.