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Khalid Adam, post: 134686 wrote:

i am serious. i believe in forecasting and having a system / formula in place. i don’t believe in hoping for success – regardless of industry.

every industry has skeptical customers and are competitive. the ones who get anywhere tend to challenge industry norms and association rules. they also dominate by creating their own category which is not that hard.

$5k within 6 weeks is very realistic as long as you get good advice and roll up your sleeves. ofcourse it’s tougher when the margins are tight but that can be fixed.

Most do take a long time but that is due to ignorance or mindset. It’s like walking to work and refusing to invest in a car and driving lessons because it’s too expensive and time consuming or just plainly refusing to accept there is a better alternative.

Anyone who’s received coaching of some kind knows what i mean. Btw, this is good news for those who are willing to work and don’t want to wait months to make a living.

Depending on who you speak to, having more than 2 employee can be perceived as a burden and not a sign of success. Just saying… I assume you are making that much working full time in your business?