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Main nav should all be one line, at the moment the last item is breaking onto a second line.

The overall design is very bland, doesn’t really convey much about who you are or what you do. I should be able to instantly recognise that on landing on the site. Studies indicate you have about 2 or 3 seconds to grab a user’s attention before they move on. And the overall design really should convey your brand a little more effectively.

I like white space, but you basically have no content below the rather large main image. Where’s an “about us” blurb or similar to grab the user’s attention right away? The repeat of the navigation is not needed, and the single blog post is secondary to communicating who you are & what you do, which this area would be better utilised for.

You’ve got to add Google Analytics tracking to the site, you have to be able to know your users activity on the site to have any idea over time what might need improving on site, and with off site marketing/referrals.

And I think you logo and phone number of overlapping when viewed on mobile devices? Don’t have one to test with (was robbed not so long ago), but when resizing browser it seems to suggest this.

Good luck.