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nmaric, post: 130557 wrote:
All you need to use Windows 8 is a mouse with a wheel, no real need to use any of the keyboard shortcuts.

I’ve installed Win8 a couple of weeks ago and I just love it. Much faster then Win7, faster to start and shut down, easy to navigate, new Metro apps just look great and all of the desktop/old Win7 apps work fine (and faster) in Desktop mode.
You really need to try it. And yes, there is no Start button but you don’t really need it!

I agree that it is a hybrid version, but Microsoft had to do something like that as not all of the ‘old’ apps are available in Metro format. It will probably take a few years to completely migrate.

Win8 is not a hybrid version. It’s a rather cleverly architected OS to solve two very distinct requirements – Desktop and Tablet/Phobe

Desktop will be around for a great many years to come for the simple reason that it’s just good and it utterly suits the purpose. Applications run in Windows and we have lots of them open doing lots of different things on increasingly large monitors.

The “Metro” stuff is all new to support tablet/phone like UI where one application fills the screen. This is a different model entirely and tech. developers need to learn a new(ish) set of rules to be able to use it.

The man in the street can upgrade and nothing of any real importance will have changed in reality.

It’s just a new release, everything (99.99%) will work pretty much as before. I can say this with some confidence because the 3+ million lines of code I’m involved with regularly seem to work just fine.