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Uncomplicating, post: 130682 wrote:
I know it’s different, but it’s hardly rocket science

I think that’s skipping the problem. It’s not rocket science…BUT….it’s not consistent with what people know and use (which have become automatic thoughts and behaviour). People expect things to behave the same way they have in the past for them. When it doesn’t….they get very very confused and frustrated…

For example….Embarrassingly, I tried to open my car bonnet the other day on a car I haven’t owned very long. I couldn’t do it. I fiddled around for 5 minutes going wtf…then I got really frustrated…(my future wife came out and opened it in 30 seconds :))

Turns out the lever works horizontally, rather than vertically, unlike every single other car I have had in the past….is it bad design? am I incompetent?

I would argue it’s bad design. Purely because it’s different to established conventions (at least to my car owning history)….and it hasn’t added anything to the experience…i.e. there is no advantage to a horizontally opening lever..