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Hey neptunez and Handsome genius,

neptunez I wouldn’t waste my money and time with the package you mentioned below maybe a year ago it might have produced some positive results but depending on your business goals you will most likely benifit from something a little more (a lot more actually!) tailored.

By this I mean it is possible to design a strategy that will help you build your business, brand , audience, etc at the same time as steadily climbing the search results.

The first step before even thinking about link-building (which is still very important) is to do some really thorough keyword research , content/copywriting , onsite optimisation, and maybe even a bit of “technical SEO”, coding, or site structure changes depending on your site. Regarding technical stuff it usually takes and hour or so to have a good look over the site (sometimes much less for small sites) and see what needs/could be done to get the basics in order .


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