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neptunez, post: 131481 wrote:
Hi Guys

My partner has contacted an Indian SEO company… and they have sent us a package of what they can do…

below is what they replied with..

What types of links do you build?

All the websites we will use have Different C Classes IP
We will use a mixture of 350 sites: articles sites (70% with PR 2-6), press releases sites (all with PR 2-7), social bookmarking sites (90% with PR 2-8) and blog sites
Different user accounts are used for the Submissions.
Each article will be manually published on a maximum number of 10 articles sites and each press release on maximum of 10 press release sites to avoid search engine penalization

I’m not too sure what the above meant but i assumes this is link building that everyone tells you to stay away from..

would appreciate any feedback..
RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY! Caveat emptor! BS meter has gone off the scale!

This is just so much BS it is not funny!

Find an SEO you can talk to about why this is so much useless, irelevant BS!

I get this sort of useless nonsense every day.