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Hey Daniel I think the idea is pretty cool but there’s 3 things I’d be aware of:

  • A hell of a lot of kids will have access to iphones and ipads soon. By 2 and 4 year old have an ipad (my old one), their good friend a 3 year old has an ipad, they are all addicted to our iphones and will have them soon as we upgrade. This will be more and more true as parents upgrade theirs.
  • Tablets are going to get crazy cheap soon. iPad 7 will come out soon it will probably be $300. Kindle Fire 2 will be out soon that will be a lot less, they are talking possibly doing add supported ones etc. Why would someone buy a non name Android one when they could get an Apple one or Kindle and just install some kids apps? This is worth thinking about.
  • You can already get Android tablets for under $100. I’ve had a few they were terrible and useless for kids. Particularly ones that were used to the usability of their parent’s iphones. You’ll have to be careful with this (although I see Nominal has had a different experience, mine was about a year ago).

Hope that helps, good luck, it’s certainly interesting.