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1) I listened to the SEO podcast and I also listened to “How To Build an Amazing Community” – I enjoyed both.


  • Your website definitely should have more visitors.
  • I like how you’re presenting information with your voice rather than in written format.
  • The podcast comes across as professional – the voices are clear; the intro and outro are suitable and both speakers seem to know what they’re talking about.

My only suggestion is to somehow make the episode list more navigable. For example, if I am wanting to hear you speak about “branding”. How do I go about finding a podcast where you discuss “branding”?

Perhaps attach tags (keywords) to each episode. These tags are based on what you’ve been mentioning in the podcast – they’re essentially the “topics” you cover. For example – you’ve written the books that you mentioned, but what about the topics?

Then perhaps implement a search bar.

Just an idea. :)

– Guy