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spinninghill, post: 130503 wrote:
Hi all. I’m about to register a domain and start hosting a relatively simple, fairly static, low traffic (maybe up to 100-500 visitors per week) website to support my consulting business.

I came across cloud hosting vs cPanel hosting. I’ve read up on it and have to admit I can’t see why I need it, or why it would not be good for my situation.

Are there any hidden advantages or disadvantes of cloud vs cPanel webhosting – especially for a fairly static and reasonably low traffic website?

Apologies if a bit vague – let me know if you require further info.

Hi Michael,
Your question isn’t vague, the term “Cloud” is vague. And while I won’t say it’s being misused in this context, it’s use is confusing you and is a prime example of the way people use buzzwords and buzz-technology to sound cool.

Essentially, the “cloud” is any service that’s provided offsite from your enterprise. therefore, ANY web hosting is “cloud” hosted. Unless you run your own servers.

For the basis of your question though, you’re probably better with cPanel hosting for now, rather than cloud hosting, which is basically a “virtual server” (where you get an entire server, rather than just webspace, and you are responsible for managing the serveR)