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I emailed my friend about this exact topic today. This was my advice (and agree above if you sell doors that are blue then the domain is fine).

  • Are you already ranking for these exact keywords. If so don’t bother
  • Do they get enough searches to even make it worthwhile. Try exact searches in Australia and see how many they are getting. Assume you can get 20% of the traffic. If they get 1,000 searches a month, 20% of that would be 200 visitors, you might get a few customers out of that so it could be worth it. Less and it’s probably not worth it.
  • Do you want to run even more websites and have to create content for them and get them ranking, keep them patched etc. Exact domains are still going to need this these days. You’ll probably also have to set them up on different hosting accounts etc. If you don’t want this then don’t worry about it.

Hope that helps. I think the days of registering loads of these exact domains are coming to an end.