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with domain names (i have 2000+)

the thing is never to use the domain ‘in bad faith’ or trademarked names

just because you have the keyword domain doesnt exactly mean your instantly #1

google are targeting such exact keyword domains now esp ones with poor content so its time to clean house, rebuild and get rid of poor quality text, links etc

you need to grow your domain (without the help of these so called SEO gurus)
have relevant content, relevant backlinks and outgoing links and make sure you build everything ‘organically’ without the use of third party tools

web rankings are like anything else…it takes time

i worked for google as a contractor for 18months and they are far from stupid, these seo guys think they have the upper hand but in reality they dont know anything and internally at the sussex street office they are laughed at.

they give you a quick result and move on to the next sucker…when the refresh happens you are left feeling ripped off.

google is weeding these guys out and australia is on the hit list

*ask them to explain googles algorithm’s in detail and watch them stu..stut..stutter