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As Vilson says, it is impossible to offer any meaningful advice with the info provided.

Some very broad observations…

a. Adwords are likely to be more effective in consumer markets than B2B.
b. Watch out for irrelevant keywords. The campaigns I’ve assessed have 25% – 45% of their budget wasted on irrelevant clicks.
c. The primary objective of Optimizer is to get you to increase your Google expenditure.
d. Where does searching on mobiles come in all this? Have you looked at G keywords use for mobiles?
e. If targeting mobile phone searchers, do you have mobile formatted landing pages? Can mobile visitors “tap” your web page phone number to make it ring?

Check what actual keywords are that are used to click on your ads. Elliminate the irrelevant, first.

f. Now start assessing the value of Conversion Optimizer.