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spinninghill, post: 130750 wrote:
Thanks! I can view source code yes, just can’t work out to edit it. I will keep trying. Thanks all – really appreciate it

If you’re viewing the source code in the browser you can’t edit it there, it’s only proving whether it’s there or not.

If you mean you’ve found the editor in the WP back end, then you only need to click in the editor (if you’ve found the right section …”head”, in the file Matthew named and in the video).

Find the end of a line of code for a meta tag … the end is marked “/> hit enter and you’ll create a new line, paste in new meta tag to that line, save.

Should now appear in your “view source” once you refresh the page, depending on your browser you may need to empty browser cache.

If it’s there, should be able to get Google to verify.

Have fun