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ruth@conus, post: 130880 wrote:
Hi there,

I have a Not-For-Profit client who is looking for software that can assist them manage grant funded projects. They are currently using Excel and are finding it too cumbersome and error prone.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks for your time

Hi Ruth,

Is your client running a bookkeeping / accounting solution (such as Xero or MYOB) in their business at all? Or are they doing everything through Excel? Because a proper bookkeeping package will provide them a far better solution at a lower overall cost.

We support dozens of NFP clients on each of these solutions, most of whom have some requirement to acquit grant funds. We initially set up their accounts to allow them to track income and costs by project in their accounting sysytem: in Xero this is via tracking codes, in MYOB via jobs (in this context the 2 are pretty much equivalent).

For clients who have more sophisticated requirements we implement Calxa. This allows them to budget by project, to hold multiple budgets (or forecasts), to generate a cashflow forecast from their forecasts, to generate numerous different reports, and a whole lot more besides.

You will be able to find info on all of this on my website now (and just over a week from now there will be a lot more as my wesbite is getting a makeover),

Cheers, Rhys