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Chris – Marketing
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An experience manufacturer should be able to de-siphon your drawings through consultation with you. If your manufacture is close and you can meet.
-Draw your bag free hand first. Panels pockets studs buttons zips etc…
-then add the dimensions HxWxD
-Length and width of straps.
-indicate measurements on sketch for any panels etc.
A sample will be made first for your approval before production starts.

If your manufacture is far I strongly recommend that you see a Pattern Maker first.
Make your sample locally using the correct material then once your product is exactly the way you want send it off for production.
I have been out of the game now for about 7 yrs but a whole Leather garment with over 50 panels and a complete size range from S – XL used to cost me $200 -$300. Your product will not require as much time.
Get it right first up and you while eliminate long term heartache.

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