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Link building software is a bit similar to “content creation software”
or “template creation software” or “logo creation software”

Sounds lovely if you are doing it as a hobby.
But you get what you pay for.

The concerning part is if you are an SEO provider asking about “link building software”.

any serious SEO person should ask questions like

SEO analysis software
SEO competition software
or SEO benchmark software

But not “link building software”

Let’s understand that the idea of any link building software is to create automatic links.

And 95% of the times the “automatic factor” exists because the software is abusing a weakness in some type of sites.

Forum profiles = abusing the weakness of forum scripts running in php.
Social media profiles = abusing the creation of accounts and spamming links with no weight
Article Marketing Blast = Same deal. Put your mediocre content in 10000 websites on the same day. (mmm smart right?)

Automatic links are not natural so they leave a huge footprint, they are used by low level internet marketers pushing affiliate-mini sites and those type of links are the first ones to go down .

Give it a try: use forum profiles to see how much your ranking will increase…

You can’t achieve authority links automatic.

Want awesome links?
Use 3 things: networking + originality + content.

Want to be flagged by penguin?
Use a $27 software that gives you 50.000 backlinks in 22 minutes while you watch TV.

But hey… I could be wrong :p