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themot, post: 133640 wrote:
I have a business selling widgets. I want to grow said business online. I can either go for PPC/Organice search or just do organic search only…

Now, if im trying to grow my business which is the better option? You can still get some traffic from organic traffic but to just rely on it is playing Russian roulette with your business.
Methinks you overlooked a few issues that can change the numbers in your analogy and sometimes very quickly. :)

18 Sep 12: “TDL-4 variant spreads click-fraud campaign
“More than 40 Fortune 500 companies are among the victims infected by the TDL-4 variant, as well as government agencies and ISP networks.”

5 Sep 12: “40% of Mobile Clicks are Fraud?
“In June 2012, we conducted a study of six million mobile clicks across 10 global ad networks. An enormous 40% of paid-for clicks were found to be completely worthless showing a conversion rate from click-to-download of below 0.1%. Further analysis showed that 18% of these were highly indicative of click fraud and 22% happened accidentally.”

A couple of others…
The Cost of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising—Trends and Analysis

31 May 12: “Click Fraud: An Industry Epidemic?

Doesn’t matter whether it is SEO or sponsored links, people need to be aware of the issues and pitfalls inherent in both approaches.

Caveat emptor.