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Re: A bit of dissent…

Snakeman, post: 134179 wrote:
Finally, let’s forget the “content is king” lie being continually promoted. Nothing is further from the truth. If that were so, SEO would be dead and it is far from it!
Completely 100% incorrect. Even more so with the recent updates.

Google puts by far and away the most weighting on well written, relevant content on the site.

Their second level of weighting seems now to be where your content is shared/discussed within social media channels. And the best way to promote sharing of your content is to ensure it’s well written, valid, and of value to users who read it.

And after that valid/relevant inbound links.

That’s a very simplified, high level overview, but more than ever content is indeed king. And good SEO companies should be providing that – whether it be writing, editing your content, ensuring relevant HTML tags are used well within your content…etc – as a major part of their service. If they’re not then I would look for another SEO “expert”, or in all honesty a good SEO focused copywriter.