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Innovative products are great but they are only innovative while they are in your head. Once you introduce the Innovative product to the open market it can be copied in days.

This is a really good point. If you have developed a truly innovative product then it may be eligible for protection through Patent protection. For this to apply, it must be new, involve an innovative step and be useful (for an innovation patent, which is available in Australia). It is also possible to file a lower cost “provisional patent application” that can help safeguard the product for a period of time whilst you determine viability of the product etc. This is a very specific area of law so best to consult with a patent attorney if you’re unsure, or have a read of the information at the government website http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au

I would suggest one of the struggles companies may face is either not knowing about patents (and therefore making public disclosures too soon and not then being able to gain exclusive rights to exploit the product), and possibly costs in doing so.