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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Unless i’m mistaken, you are referring to having a product launch.

Innovations do get copied so you have to make sure that you are at least one step ahead. Good is good enough. perfection will kill you.

Product launch is alot simpler in a small business environment. too keep the competition at bay it may require cloning oneself or re purposing the innovation to various niches or sub cultures.

Why? bcos most copycats have the lazy mindset of “mass” marketing. specialising will buy you time and give you the revenue from high margins to last until your next up date.

The sales process always requires optimisation.

These days, “consultative selling” is no longer as effective as it used to be. if anything, high quality prospects already know what it’s involved so they will lie just to throw you off for trying to lead them.

Supporting the buying decision yields better results in terms of reducing sales cycle, repelling “not ready” prospects and increasing transaction size.

The specific example in this instance is the time between a prospect calling and when they formalise a transaction. the gap is the buying decision phase.

The amateur sales person waits for the customer to come back or they coerce them into submission – doesn’t work in the info age where the client is probably more informed than the seller.

what works is dropping the idea of being a seller and adopting the mindset of a change manager because the only reason a customer doesn’t buy now is because the pain is not big enough or they are concerned about the internal chaos created as a result of the change from making the investment.

If i could go back in time, i would stop thinking myself as a solution provider. I would be the buyer’s advocate – more interested in helping the prospect identify and manger internal issues like politics, hidden agenda, budget, etc.

once the internal issues are sorted including helping them figure if the existing vendor or the internal team should be fixing the problem, then i can talk about solution.

By then i am already on the buying decision panel. Again, this drops the sales cycle by at least 50 %, breaks down the barrier of mistrust if any, boost transaction size and creates endless referrals – figuratively speaking,

As usual, only a small percentage of sales people and entrepreneurs get this.

Hope this helps.