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Hi Sarah!

Sorry to hear you haven’t been well :(

I wanted to respond by saying similar to the above, along with “you bet your bottom dollar it’s important!”


along with a plan for your brand as well. You see, a logo isn’t your brand and your brand isn’t your logo. A logo is a visual representation of your brand, and when that’s repeated a consistency occurs which helps you in being recognisable to your customers. A logo is more than a font with a colour scheme, it represents values that are core to your brand – it’s heart, soul, mind – and is designed to suit a specific audience, and sit in a specific market.

At The Golden Goose, I believe that graphic design isn’t core to your business, but your BRAND is – thus the reason why we work in both spaces to achieve the desired outcomes.

There’s my designer speel.

Now for my personal speel. :D I will not purchase products that haven’t got a professional look about them. To me, it means this person is serious about their product, having invested in it’s look/feel/unique selling points/market positioning etc. It also means that it could be a little dodgy – which yes, is an assumption. This is how people think.

Get in the mind of your consumer and ask yourself it will matter to them.

Absolute best of luck to you! :)