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The Copy Chick
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estim8, post: 131221 wrote:
Does he expect the head to be full of useless meta tags? Personal opinion… I think the worlds moved on from there.

Yes, meta-tags may not be of much use with regards to how search engines view them, but unless someone is typing your URL straight into their browser, the meta-tags are usually the very first point of contact potential clients will have with your business – as evidenced below by Kathie:

kathiemt, post: 131276 wrote:
I did a google search on your business name and it comes up with the following info:
Divert to Mobile allows a small business owner to use a landline number for their business that diverts seamlessly to their mobile. We offer highly competitive

This, as you know is taken from the text on your home page. But if I didn’t know your business name how would I find you?

Well-structured meta-tags can convey a wealth of information to prospective clients who may be searching for relevant keywords and can be used as a call-to-action to persuade those people to click through to your site, rather than someone else’s.

And great points from everyone about understanding who is searching for your service and how they are finding you. If you can nail that in your content, your SEO should almost take care of itself.