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Hello GSanders12,

What is a cheap way to get your message across to a mass amount of people in a short time (1-4 weeks)

Could you use facebook or traffic??


Now, I’m not an expert or a scientist. But I know a few handy dandy little tricks. Well they’re not tricks more common sense. Social Networking is ONE of the most EASIEST and CHEAPEST (if not most times, FREE)

1) Have your message well-thought out for one.
Ask your self some questions to really give it an edge

Would I read this?
Would it catch my eye if I was randomly browsing?

You get the idea.

2) If you have a Twitter and Facebook account. I highly suggest you link them both together so if you post on one, it posts on the other. I’d prefer to post from Facebook personally so it updates on Twitter. Or you can do it seperately (a little more time consuming but you control your content).
***Use hash-tags in Twitter to really give your post an #edge. Have your links shortened and straight to your source (message). This will also help broaden your message***

3) Targeted Audience? WHAT THE ?! Well..
Who are you targeting, who do you want to read your message? Where would they be hiding.. Well they’re obviously behind a computer, but WHERE on the internet.. Have a think about this one, as it’d be the most important step of all.

4) You can consult a professional in order to help market your message. I know someone who may be able to help you out with that.

5) I forgot what else I was going to type…

Well at least there is a few little steps. Using social media.
If you have a website, link and spread.
Add the link of your message on your website, or where ever it is in your email signatures, you know the drill.