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earth savvy
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kathiemt, post: 131170 wrote:
Hi earthsavvy, I like your page. I like the tips there too. With the bicarb soda for cleaning the cats litter tray – I’m assuming you mean for washing it, adding water, etc? Wasn’t sure.

Is there a sustainable program for businesses where you live? The Shire where I live (in Victoria) has a govt funded program for businesses to participate in teaching them about ‘going green’ and sustainable economics too. I’m a graduate and it’s a good thing to be able to promote on websites and in newsletters, etc. Just thinking this might be something you could also get involved with that might help you as well.

Hi and thanks for your reply. I doubt the town i live in would have such a program, however i will look into it, Adelaide would be my next place to check for a program, when i first started up i was looking around the net with no luck, but with the information you just offer dim sure it will be much easier to find something.
Re the litter box i just sprinkle some through the litter, when they scratch away it all mixes in and saves the smell’s, nothing is worse than coming home from work and you get it with a fresh one “giggles” Thanks again :)