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Thank you again.

No, your post isn’t seen as harsh (maybe a harsh reality, though)…I value your experience and input.

Yes, we have a lot to learn, even some 20 years into this.

The fact is, the majority of our customers up until more recently were ones who we worked for weekly and who paid regularly. The cashflow cycle was happening without intervention. Nowadays, however, the client base has shifted to more corporate clients who we work for less regularly but earn bigger money each job, but have to endure these slow payment processes. Not used to it; not set up for it. And we just don’t have a cash backup in the bank for periods of slow payments to cover outgoings. Actually, I would like to know who DOES these days and, if so, how??

By the way – on your sales note – we are the same as you in that department. Find it very difficult (or intimidating) to sell. So we would also like to know how you find someone that can sell for you without also sending you to the wall in cost before a return is realised.

Thanks again.