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Apparently they got targeted because they’re backing proposed internet censorship legislation.

I use them for DNS, nothing went down of mine but it sounds like a real mess, lots are moving their DNS and hosting.

Never been a fan, tried their shared hosting, it was truly awful, their advertising is pretty suss too.

This might push me to get off it and find another solution.

Side note but related… a client rang me today wondering if I could work out why their email wasn’t working … turned out an el cheapo local provider of unsound mind had been down all morning (checked their status page) and it’s been happening regularly according to client, at least once a month.

Only positive is ,I’ll get a paid gig to sort out, he’s really dark, it’s probably cost him a job he was keen on, plus he has 8 email addresses in the business and he doesn’t know what else he’s missed.