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Karen Morris- Copywriter
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You could try the following products. They are designed specifically to help small business owners brand their businesses professionally and cost effectively. The tage are delivered as printable sheets and you can use the Avery Design & Print Online software to add your own designs to them.


(Disclaimer, Avery Office and Consumer Products are a client of mine)

Hope this helps.



meerkat, post: 131414 wrote:
I’m thinking of making gift tags using either Kraft or white swing tags as the base. I want to print a design on them using my printer. For this purpose, I need tags that are still on a die cut sheet (not sure of the correct terminology) which I can run through the printer on either A4, A3 or A2 size before separating the tags. Does anyone know where I can purchase these types of tags to fit my needs? I am in the Melbourne area. Thanks in anticipation.