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SavvySME, post: 131448 wrote:
I know many of you soloists are indeed solo, but I’m just curious to know if you have started looking for that extra someone?

How have you tried to find them and what process did you go through. Did you find it an expensive process?

We are currently hunting for a new developer and its expensive!! Seek charges you over $200 for an ad and our interview process has no process.

How are you guys doing it?

Put an ad on Seek or mycareer etc. (It’s all the recruiters do anyway) and invite 4 or 5 who fit the bill technically for an interview.

Hire the one who communicates best. Technical skills, tool sets, libraries and all the other bunkum can be learned (within reason). Software development is so often little or nothing to do with technical capabilities, and all about understanding and domain knowledge. If your potential hire can’t communicate, can’t explain things in terms of simple concepts, and doesn’t talk your language from the outset, they’re going to be a pain.