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jon wight
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If your marketing is exclusively online – having a name that talks about what you do helps in as people see exactly what you do by your URL.

In the end if you are going to spend marketing $$ to promote your brand then this is less important.

I find that logos and names for business are the most emotional discussions I have with business people. The more simple and easily recognisable the better. If you look at the biggest brands in the world they are normally short and to the point – Nike, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Apple – the only one in this group that talks about what it actually does is Coca Cola – but they even shorten to Coke.

If we didn’t know what Apple did – we would think they were a fruit company.

The most important thing to consider – Will current customers still recognise what you do and find you? Will new customers find you easily?

These can be easily overcome by marketing and not the name itself.

I try to focus in on simplicity and clarity – Easier for you to market and easier to know what you do. Acronyms will mean you will be forever explaining what it means.

Hope this helps a little.