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Pawpost, post: 133598 wrote:
I am starting up a web based business, my first, and there are about 100 things that are “simple” to designers and seo specialist, marketing professionals and so on… To me, and maybe other first time e-business owners, it makes your head spin… So I can see why something like GA can be passed on.

I have set it up on my site, and the initial set up does take a few minutes, but then I have to learn a brand new system, on top of all the other aspects of starting a business. I think it can be daunting to some. I mean there are a lot of new things you must learn: webmaster tools, GA, and the equivalent over at BING…quite a bit for us newbies.

Also, in the beginning, analytics seems useless, because you don’t have the traffic yet, there is nothing to report… If you don’t build traffic fast enough, I can see how some people will just let it slip out of their routine.

All that said, I still think it is worth while to have an analytic software if you are going online. And useful for a professional to at least mention to their clients.
Hence why there are professionals to engage who do know all this.

I held off for years engaging a regular cleaner for my apartment. But then I realised that in the time saved from engaging a cleaner I could make far more income than I was spending on the cleaner, it became a bit of a no brainer. ;)