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Stuart B
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Nikita, post: 131629 wrote:
There are several reasons:

What if the client doesn’t require GA? What if they are planning to use other more sophisticated tracking tools?

On the other hand – Why not to include SEO, register for Google places, create Social Media accounts, integrate sharing buttons, create SEM campaign with every new website?

The answer is simple:
a. No need
b. Client is not prepared to pay – 2 minutes that will require you to do that task also come from years of your experience. Always remember that – it takes 15 minutes and 10 years experience.

Nikita did you read the original post because this isn’t the issue. Of course, if the client says “oh no i have my own stats program I want to use” obviously I’m not saying you should force them into GA etc. The point was that so many people have NOTHING. And it’s not a matter of if they’ll use it or not, but what happens when they come to the day when they DO need it because they want to do some SEO, do some other marketing and monitor the changes, and they have NOTHING being tracked. No reference point to gauge if marketing activities are having an impact, or if it’s just standard activity.

It doesn’t matter if they use it or not, or they think they don’t need it, because long term there’s a strong chance that at some point they will need it.

bluepenguin, post: 131690 wrote:
I agree with the comments above. Many of our clients will never touch GA, and about 2 minutes per working day = about 8 hours per year.

I’d rather set it up for people who want it, and take a day off.

Are you really creating 240 web sites each year?

Don’t you think that when a client comes to you with a website you built for them, and says I want to do some SEO and you think “oh dammit I wish I had some stats to look at to see how things are performing now” don’t you think that would make you want to install it for them as a matter of course?

Surely if nothing else it gives you an opportunity to provide better service to them in the future you would think it would be worth 2 minutes of your time?

Of course we can draw silly arguments and say things like “why don’t we include SEO, why not include a facebook page” blah blah, in my oppinion these are fairly thin excuses for not including something in a website which should be there every single time. Remember:

– It’s free
– It takes 2 minutes to install
– It will help your clients in the future
– And probably make you more money too

If you’re pumping out so many web sites that the 2 minutes needed to install GA is stealing days away from you, then those are pretty good problems to have, and you should be making enough money that 2 minutes per project is just good housekeeping.

I dunno maybe I AM wrong or in the minority but for me installing GA is just a box that gets ticked off at the end of a project along with chaning DNS, uploading files, and creating email addresses. For me I view it as a more of a duty of care for my clients, lol but I dunno maybe I should take a step away from customer service or something :confused: