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Aidan, post: 135290 wrote:
Can’t say I agree it should be done by default anymore than setting up Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, or offering free classes in online marketing, or…

Where do you draw the line? Should we all do the copy writing? Should we all offer free conversion optimisation? How much should we all charge for our various packages?

Most if not all will install GA on request, often without charge. I just cannot see any justification for saying it should be done by default especially if its unlikely to be used – that would be bad business practice (in the sense it is wasted time).

My two centsI set up Analytics and both webmaster tools in every project and put the cost of time taken into the project. So I don’t lose. If the client doesn’t use them, that’s their choice, but at least they ate their. I also add myself as a user, so if needed I can quickly access them.