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Emity Lane
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Hey Thank you so much! That link is fantastic and has given me everything I need to legally register to operate within my council even and yes ABN has come up as necessary. Thanks again! Now to see how much this will all cost me……

JacquiPryor, post: 131666 wrote:
Hi Sarah,

I suggest you obtain an ABN, and once you have that register your business name. (You’ll need the ABN when completing the business name application form). If you are trading by any name other than your own you must register the business name – through http://www.asic.gov.au. The tax office won’t determine whether you’re a business or not based on whether you make much money, but whether you are essentially ‘doing things’ that people would usually describe as running a business, so, best to get the ABN/Business Name early on I think. Plus, other people you do business with (customers/suppliers) might want your ABN for their records.

This Link goes to a government site, which is designed (for Queensland) to help determine any licenses/permits etc you should consider for your business type so may assist in figuring out what other requirements you may need to meet.

Hope the above assists :)