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AgentMail, post: 131704 wrote:
Less commission for the deal site mean less $ promoting the deal. I don’t really think this is a win-win. Just my opinion of course, and don’t disagree with the sentiment.

Put yourself in the deal companies shoes though – You have one deal that will earn you 50%, or you have one the will earn you 10% – which one are you going to work harder for, all else being equal?

Hi AgentMail,

Thanks for the feedback :) much appreciated! The team had to question this at the start when we were brainstorming early on.

I mean who wants to lower their commissions right? But even before our launch we managed to sign up over 6 deal sites to the platform who are happy to create a win-win with businesses.

They’re not your small deal sites, fly by the night operators too. The smallest deal site we work with has a audience of over 300,000 and have been operating since the inception of the industry so you could consider them as a veteran in their niche.

I know running a daily deal campaign doesn’t suit everyone’s business model but were happy to save money for those who can.

Thanks again for the feedback AgentMail