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Hi Paul,

The first thing that came to my mind after reading your post/looking at your site – Will Sweet Business Deals (your other start up) be one of the ‘competing’ deals sites providing quotes through Deal Flip? I would imagine so… Will there be any disclaimer/information that tells your visitors the two are related? If Sweet Business Deals is honestly the best/lowest cost etc and most suitable for an uploader’s needs then great, but, from a consumer’s point of view I’d be a bit upset if I later found out that Deal Flip is used simply to drive business to your other company rather than providing a true look at various deals sites that may be best for my needs. (Not suggesting that’s the case, but something to think about to ensure it’s transparent to users of Deal Flip).

I’ve previously thought about running offers on deals sites but never got to it simply cause it was time consuming looking at all the different businesses and figuring out the actual cost etc – so, I can see the benefit in terms of saving time and money of your Deal Flip site. Hope it all works well for you :)