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King, post: 131731 wrote:
Have had deal sites contact me time and time again. Fresh sounding young things, full of energy and promise – doing their hardest to make and close deals.

But the model is all wrong, it is all risk on the business offering the deal.

So now I say:

We can offer you this product at this price, minimum order is Xqty delivered free to you. You go and work a deal/profit around that and take care of the shipping costs etc. If your sale does not meet the minimum qty, then you still need to order the minimum – then you can bundle them, wear them, give them to charity.

This simplifies the whole contorted bastardised process that is normally about as simple as a mobile phone plan ;)

So any deal sites wanting to sell rubber thongs, minimum order only 48 pairs, PM me ;)

Hi King,

I like the way you think :) It’s great to see a business owner who is well educated in how to create a deal that works for them.

Rubber thongs are always in so I’m sure you’ll have a consistent number of energetic closers contacting you in the future ;)