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eStrategyPro.com, post: 0 wrote:
How do you cope with not able to run Linux applications on the Mac?

Most stuff I use is pretty much platform agnostic (like a browser , web apps or a text editor) or works better, or easily on Unix based OS’s (web servers, Ruby on Rails, command line terminal etc.).

Otherwise, as Mac and Linux are cousins via their Unix genetics, there’s usually a Mac version of what I want off the shelf.

For office software I use LibreOffice (version of OpenOffice) which works on anything, I really only use some word processing and spreadsheets, it can open and close any MS file and export to same, it also has a PDF button on the toolbar for any document which suits me, usually send everything as a PDF anyway (no formatting issues).

I also run VirtualBox on the iMac’s with the latest Linux Ubuntu installed, don’t use it a lot, just to get my Linux fix, more to stay in touch with where their at, so I know what’s going on if I want to swap back to it as a native OS … gets more tempting with every release they bring out.

It’s probably why, if and when I do get a tablet I’ll go something Android.