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Freddy @ InMktgWeTrust
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Drew Kloester, post: 132131 wrote:
A lot of people forget the Value of Yahoo and Bing. Sure it only gets about 3 to 5 % of the searches, so across Australia that,s about 1 million people, approx. That’s still a lot of customers and here is the up-point, there is less competition on there and the keywords are about a quarter of the price.
Yes I spend 2k a month on Google, but I don’t neglect the value of Yahoo/Bing. It may not have as many users, but I get more bang for my buck for every dollar spent.
What are your thoughts?

Hi Andrew,

You are absolutely right Bing/Yahoo is worth having a look at.
2 things to keep in mind,

  • splitting resources (money, hours for optimisation) might lead to sub-optimal results on both.
  • I tend to find Bing average demographic a little less savvy searchers than Google. This lead to a few good campaigns on Google.com.au performing poorly on Bing. (empirical evidence only, not a truth though)

If you think your audience is th same across both and you can comfortably spend time on both Search Engines, I would definitely recommend this worthy optimisation.