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Ah the age old question of what am I paying my accountant for?

I was involved in chartered firms for 15 years and definitely know the difficulty really with clients understanding the charges for quality accounting and tax compliance. It was always a tricky business because in the end as a company owner, you pay 1000’s to be told that you owe money to the commissioner. It is a difficult situation but I can say, there is a lot of compliance and obligation placed on the tax agent to ensure the rules are followed and a fair bit of work that goes on in the background prior to your financials and tax returns being completed.

Having said that, some will be very efficient ans some wont be and so you are doing the right thing if the time is dragging on and you are still experiencing high costs, which I suspect $2500 is btw.

Dont be afraid to move, the new tax agents will ask for all information they require from the existing tax agents as well. Good luck with it all.