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Nathan Hartnett, post: 182827 wrote:
Agreed Fastlaner,

We also have several stores, but every time we look into fulfillment centers here, they’re not just expensive, they’re ludicrously expensive! But because we operate low volume, high profit margin businesses, there’s not enough work to justify having employees come in for a minimum four hour shift. Certainly the most painful aspect of our business!

Hi Nathan,

I can see that you’re on the same path as me with niche eCommerce stores and are not too far from me (unless you’re in Thailand right now). Do you have a large number of products and lower sales volume? I’ve found that costs of 3pl should be fairly good if sales volumes exceed the number of SKU’s or items you have.

What about the size of your items… Are they smaller items that can be put in satchels or padded bags or are they larger style items? All of my products are small in size.

If we work together we will be able to come up with a cost effective system that is streamlined.