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We are a Freight Forwarder / 3PL that services a diverse range of clients, both small and large and across many industries. I hear this feedback a lot, that 3PL’s are turning away potential clients because they are ‘too small’. We take a different approach to this, especially in today’s society where start ups are making waves. The 3PL and the ‘client’ need to be the right fit and share mutual values, something that is usually discovered pretty early on in discussions. We’re not the size of a Toll or a DHL, and if were purely down to cost, we probably wouldn’t exist, being unable to always compete with some of those companies with such large buying power. What we can offer however, is flexibility and service. We also enjoy seeing and being involved in the growth of young and promising Australian companies. (We are Australian owned and started out 28 years ago). I’m sure there are other 3PL’s that share similar views.

3PL is a great model for many companies, particularly as it allows owners / managers to concentrate on their growth, rather than the day to day fulfilment. It’s also come a long way, for example we offer full visibility 24/7 through mobile and online access. So you still have control over your stock and transparency. On the other hand, if you have the time and resources available, than it makes more sense to take full control and save on the additional cost.