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Hi folks,
I have worked on different IT projects to optimise the efficiency of 3PL business in last 15 years. Please bear in mind that the IT interface setup cost can be very high.
According to me, the below are the simple interface links may be used to provide the solution what Matthew has described.
A, Client’s inbound database file to 3PL WMS – Not compulsory
B, Receipt file from 3PL WMS to client’s database to list the products on E Commerce website
C, E Commerce Invoice sold items order detail list to 3PL WMS – Reduce the 3PL inventory
D, 3PL order confirmation to Client’s database – Reduce the client’s inventory
Either option C or D
E, Daily Book to book reconciliation

The small companies can have cost effective solution if they are willing to use cloud based WM system provided by 3PL companies to maintain their inventory or common platform of e commerce website

Happy to learn more ideas regarding this solution….

I am in the process of buying a 3PL business to provide the similar solution for small companies