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Cribey, post: 242880, member: 89158 wrote:
Hi All,

Great thread and I came across these posts by researching exactly what we’re all talking about here. Which looks like it’s been going on for a while.

Has anyone used http://www.pikpak.com.au/ ??

Is anyone using a PLL company successfully for very small orders for their e-commerce platform that are reliable, of cost value (read not cheap), and can manage all forms of returns, orders, fulfilment etc.??

Looking forward to hearing your replies.


Hi Cribey

This is something that I am noticing in 3PLs is that they are very much working with more established businesses

Something that I have been working on is building with our team is an eCommerce Fulfilment service that works with providing towards small volume movers and making the platform affordable and reliable.

Here is the Website http://www.keepspace.com.au

Most of our current partners are working on 4 orders a month to 30 so we totally get what its like to be working on sales and marketing and improving the message of your company to Australia.