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LucasArthur, post: 243402, member: 34537 wrote:
and may i add, outsourcing :) and as a solo entrepreneur, this word called ‘outsourcing’ can sometimes be difficult as the ‘letting go’ and trusting someone else with your baby can be hard to boot… As Mike inferred above, its important to ensure both parties are a good fit for each other..

On that, if you can’t feel that the relationship will blossom or that you cant rely on your partner (3pl or other) becoming a valuable extension of your business – its best to look elsewhere.

I do Agree with you.
It’s hard to trust another person or business extension as it feels like
‘How can they do as good as job as me?’
This is something that we realise to the start ups that we work with. Its a challenge to know if the people they are working with is going to be good enough to trust them on each fulfilment and inventory management count and so forth.

As a start up ourselves, it makes complete sense, but I do believe that if we can show this level of trust to people then it’s a win win for everyone.