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Zava Design, post: 132887 wrote:
Ahh, this is always a funny one. :)

Do you not consider why they need to offer unlimited revisions on their work??

And surely I would have thought you engage a “professional” for them to have the expertise to solve your problem, not for them to produce random graphics until they come up with one you “like”? Especially considering that the logo is not for you at all, but for your target audience, who you may or may not have an indepth knowledge of. A good logo designer will gather that knowledge before creating a logo.

That’s the difference between an experienced professional (me) sourcing work from Odesk and Jo-everyman trying to do it himself.

I do not rely on contractors to solve my own or my clients problems. I solve my clients problems and then hire people to complete work I spec up.

There is no hit and miss in my work and I do not just sit there thrashing out image are image until I find something I like.

No one in this conversation is yet to demonstrate a real difference in value between what you and what can be done by out-soucing.

I would be interested to hear how you measure the success of you logo design.

The simple fact that everyone is just rubbishing the system as whole rather than demonstrating why they is quite interesting and very “today tonight”ish. It’s the same style of distain I have seen for marketeers towards daily deal websites.