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NathanB, post: 133040 wrote:
You have missed the point.

1. You have assumed a $20 log cannot be well thought. $20 is only the production cost. The well thought out part I can do myself. I have been in the marketing game a while now. If a client knows what they want, they only need to pay for production, not the the entire problem solving ensemble you might wish to sell to them.

2. I am asking, Can YOU (not the system or some article that talks in generalities) provide evidence to demonstrate that your logos will perform better for my bottom line than other designers.

If you yes, I would hire you every time.

If you no, all you do is make pretty pictures, no matter how much fluff you add into the process to validate your pricing model.

There are things I could reply to in your post but frankly I give up, you are too set in your ways to see otherwise.