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CondorCreative, post: 133047 wrote:
You said you weren’t interested in generalities such as the link I posted; I am personally not trying to sell you “logo design/production”, I am speaking in general, so that article I posted was fine IMO.

If getting a logo done properly didn’t affect a companies bottom line then why are so many companies spending big bucks on getting them done properly!?

Great question.

The companies paying big for there logos aren’t buy logos. They are buying results. The results I have asked if you can demonstraight.

You think BP paid 3m for a logo on good faith it was the right thing do? I imagine there were some huge deliverables on that project.

I think that you have completely misunderstood me perhaps. I’m not playing down the value of having a good logo. I’m playing down the price people can charge for them unless the can demonstrate their value in a measurable way.